Frequently Asked Questions


February 23,2017


Having access to up-to-date corporate data is essential for increasing deal flow and keeping your M&A pipeline full of actionable targets. Acquisitions Analytics™ produces company lists for its clients using M&A|TARGETS®, a turn-key software solution for investment professionals comprised of a keyword search application, a portfolio management platform, and collaboration tools. The software is complemented by round the clock support, and professionally managed list building and data mining services, to augment the discovery process at M&A firms.



What is M&A|TARGETS®?

M&A|TARGETS® is an actionable target list building service and software platform designed, built and managed by Acquisitions Analytics™.  We help investment professionals, who are seeking to buy or sell companies, create their own lists of company targets based on their criteria for mergers and acquisitions.


Why should I use M&A|TARGETS®?

Traditional acquisition approaches usually require Firms to expend significant direct and indirect costs and resources upfront to identify, pursue, and acquire companiesꟷ a process that typically yields low closure rates and minimal return on investment (ROI).
Acquisitions Analytics™ envisioned the need for a better acquisition business model; one that provides Firms with a more efficient discovery and workflow process and cost effective tools for managing corporate investments.


What corporate data is available through M&A|TARGETS®?

The M&A|TARGETS® company dataset is being populated with over 10 million worldwide business records. The search algorithm uses a host of data for building actionable target lists. The data elements include but are not limited to:

    • Geography
      • Continent
      • Country
      • Region
      • State
      • City
    • Industry
    • Sector
    • Company name
    • Parent company
    • Company size
      • Number of employees
      • Estimated annual revenue
    • Ownership type
      • Public
      • Public owned
      • Private
    • Company type
      • Manufacturer
      • Services
      • Wholesale/Distributor/Representative
      • Unclassified
    • Business  Description (keywords)
    • SIC Code (Standard Industrial Classification)
    • Products
    • Services

What sources does M&A|TARGETS® data come from?

The M&A|TARGETS® company dataset is comprised of content that is aggregated from more than 150 trusted B2B business data sources including business directories, trade associations, tradeshows, government records, corporate filings and public information among other sources. It is recognized as one of the most comprehensive business databases available for investment professionals. The financial data and number of employees information is compiled from four sources, analytics and industry benchmarks. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate data available so that you can make informed decisions.


How often is the M&A|TARGETS® data updated?

Acquisitions Analytics continually updates and maintains its corporate data for M&A|TARGETS®. Ad hoc requests for new company lists, contact information, revenue estimates and other business information are added immediately upon with the 1Click® system features.


What is 1ClickUpdate® and 1ClickList® and 1ClickCompanyLocate®?

1ClickUpdate® is a proprietary system for obtaining updated contact, e-mail address, financial data at the company level. Never spend your resources in the difficult task of finding the data, as we have the skillset, tools to efficiently deliver the data you request. 

1ClickList® is a proprietary system for generating an actionable target list of companies utilizing your specific search requirements.

1ClickCompanyLocate® is a proprietary system for finding a company in our system.

The 1ClickUpdate®, 1ClickList® and 1ClickCompanyLocate® features are all included with our service at no additional charge. 


What financial data for public and private companies is available?

Acquisitions Analytics aggregates corporate data to generate actionable target lists for its clients from 100’s of sources.

Public Financial Data
The public data in the M&A|TARGETS® solution for investment professionals is compiled from numerous trustworthy sources including verifiable websites on the Internet, the Security Exchange Commission (SEC), the federal state county and government, records, government agencies, domestic and foreign stock exchanges. 

Private Company Financial Data
The financial data of private companies can be more difficult to obtain and almost impossible to verify.  However, Acquisitions Analytics solves this dilemma for most M&A investment firms. We employ proprietary techniques that do not violate any rules or regulations when gathering financial metrics for private companies. Acquisitions Analytics compiles data through industry benchmarking and various published sources to estimate company revenues and the number of employees.


What is required to sign up for the service?

M&A|TARGETS® is available as Software as a Service, (SaaS). A monthly subscription is required to access the software and our list building services. 12 or 24 month terms are available. Contact to schedule a demo and to request an executable copy of the M&A|TARGETS® Software as a Service Enterprise Agreement.


How much the does the program cost?

The M&A|TARGETS® price schedule is based on the number of users and the term selected in the Software as a Service Enterprise Agreement. To schedule a product demo and to receive a price quote, contact or call (561) 306-9669.