M&A|TARGETS® Overview

Acquisitions Analytics™ provides the platform, tools and services you need to add more actionable targets to your pipeline.


“Tell us the type of companies you’re looking for and we’ll help you find them!”


Our searchable actionable target source contains over 10 million companies.

Developed by M&A professionals

Traditional acquisition approaches require Firms to expend significant direct and indirect costs and resources to identify, pursue, and acquire companies with low closure rates and minimal Return on Investment (ROI)


Acquisitions Analytics™ envisioned the need for an acquisition business model that provides Firms with processes and tools to more efficiently and effectively acquire companies.


The platform is cloud-based, enabling access at home, the office, or on the go by multiple users and devices

Subscribers to the M&A|TARGETS® Software as a Service (SaaS) benefit by:

1) lowering their up-front costs to acquire actionable targets


2) optimizing use of personnel and company resources while enhancing collaboration within their firm.


M&A|TARGETS® is comprised of global source of actionable targets, software tools and the services needed to generate actionable targets that can be qualified and targeted for a merger or acquisition.


•  24 x 7 client assistance

•  Secure hosting

•  Data security

Subscription Plans

 Number of Users
 Up to 2  3 to 5  6 to 10  11 +
 12 or 24 Month Term – Call Us for Pricing!

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