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    provides the platform, tools and services to identify additional actionable targets for M&A professionals, investment advisers, intermediaries, business brokers, family offices, private equity firms.
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    We are Experienced Experts
    Started in 2015 by a team of M&A professionals to specifically address the fragmented approaches and challenges of researching, identifying, and managing actionable targets.
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    Providing acquisition management tools and an integrated source of over 10 million actionable targets that will allow you to focus on analyzing potential acquisitions!

Our mission is to help you quickly identify new actionable targets.

•   Research and qualify companies for investment more quickly

•   Build a bigger pipeline more efficiently

•   Improve your deal flow

Why Acquisitions Analytics©?


Our services can support your investment firm’s internal discovery efforts to find more actionable M&A Targets


The M&A|Targets solution includes the software services, tools and search application needed to help you gain a competitive advantage.


M&A|Targets delivers corporate intelligence and investment metrics compiled from 100’s of sources. Details include: company overview, products, technologies, financials, ownership, key management personnel and more.

Our Commitment

•   To provide 24/7/365 on-line help to assist firms with creating actionable target lists

•   To obtain key contact information

•   To locate companies according to specific criteria

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